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The Next Star Wars Trilogy Will Explore New Characters in the Universe

Little is known about the new films, but they are expected to take the focus off of the Skywalkers.


We’re still more than a month away from The Last Jedi hitting theaters, but Disney’s already given director Rian Johnson the green light to create an entirely new Star Wars trilogy. And based on the announcement, this won’t just be your run of the mill triad. How will these three new episodes separate themselves from the Star Wars movies we all know and love? According to a post from the official Star Wars website, the Johnson-helmed trilogy will be entirely “separate from the episodic Skywalker saga.”

So if the focus won’t be on Luke, Leia, Anakin, or any of their descendants, who will headline the new flicks? Could we finally be getting that Jar Jar Binks origin story fans have wanted for so long? Well, according to the official announcement, it is unlikely that we will recognize any of the characters in the upcoming movies, as it will be telling the story of “new characters from a corner of the galaxy that Star Wars lore has never explored.”

The Skywalkers have always been our gateway to the Star Wars series. But after standing front and center for nine episodes and four generations, it feels like the perfect time to leave our favorite Tatooinian family behind and explore new parts of the far, far away galaxy. Unfortunately, there is no current schedule for when the new movies will be released, or even when they will start shooting. At this stage, it’s all very hypothetical. But with a new Star Wars movie expected to come out every year until the end of time, there’s still plenty to get excited about long before this mysterious trilogy becomes a reality.