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Some Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Visitors Experience Reservation Issues

Disney has reached out to those affected in order to remedy the situation.

Since its opening in late May, there has been a ton of hype around Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland. But while a lot of the buzz has been exciting, the opening certainly has not come without its problems and Disney has tried to remedy some of the issues that visitors have faced.

The biggest issue potential visitors have had with Galaxy’s Edge is the nearly impossible task of trying to secure a 4-hour time slot for Galaxy’s Edge. And some guests who did get reservations had difficulties adding other guests to their reservation due to accidentally scrolling by the “plus guest” section, which allowed guests to add other visitors to their reservation. Disneyland has started sending emails to disappointed visitors letting them know that they can add additional guests to their reservations.

Correction: The story previously stated guests were not able to add additional visitors. That is not the case.

“We are going out to all of those guests,” Disneyland vice president Kris Theiler told The OC Register. “We knew how disappointed they were.”

But some groups who made it to Galaxy’s Edge were not wholly satisfied with the experience due to massive lines and the fact that one of the main attractions is not yet open. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance won’t be open for another few months and with Smugglers Run getting mixed reviews from visitors, it means, at this point, that most of the appeal of Galaxy’s Edge comes from food and souvenirs, which may not be enough for a lot of visitors.

Hopefully, with time, Disneyland is able to correct most of the mistakes made and create an epic park-going experience for everyone. But these problems may cause some to wonder if Disney was a little too hasty in getting Galaxy’s Edge open to the public. Would they have benefitted from a bit more time to really ensure that the opening was a home run? Perhaps but given the amount of money they are making off customized light sabers and droids, it’s hard to imagine anyone at Disney is too upset.