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Image of Disney’s Weird, Realistic New Live-Action Dumbo Leaks

The live-action adaptation of the classic cartoon will hit theaters in May of 2019.


Disney gave a small audience a sneak peek of their upcoming live-action Dumbo movie this week at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. And while the teaser footage still hasn’t been released online, word and some images are out. One of the members of the audience — a person who will surely not be invited to such events ever again — posted an image of the new, hyper-realistic elephant on Twitter. Long story short, it’s kind of crazy looking. 

This shouldn’t come as a total shock. The Dumbo movie will be directed by Tim Burton and stars Danny Devito and Colin Farrell. Though it isn’t slated to hit the big screen for another year, the hype cycle has already begun. According to reports, the updated film will basically pick up where the original Dumbo left off. It won’t be a sequel, though. Instead, it will start with the premise that Dumbo can fly. Given those involved, it will likely get weirder from there.