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Disney Just Banned Smoking, Big Strollers, and Maybe Ice From Its Theme Parks

What you need to know before your family vacation this summer.

Anticipating an extra-busy season thanks to the impending opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland and the Walt Disney World Resort, Disney is tightening restrictions at both of its flagship theme parks. While they might inconvenience individual parents, they should make the Happiest Place on Earth a little bit happier for parents overall.

The most controversial change will be in which strollers are allowed into the park. Strollers as wide as 36 inches are currently allowed, but starting May 1 that number is going down to 31 inches. The maximum length of strollers that can be brought into the park will remain at 52 inches.

May 1 is also the first day of a new ban on wagon strollers of all sizes, so leave the Veer Cruiser at home.

By disallowing oversized and wagon strollers, Disney is trying to make its sidewalks easier to navigate.

It’s honestly kind of surprising that this isn’t already the case, but smoking will be completely banned from all Disney theme parks. As it stands, there are designated smoking areas throughout the parks. Eliminating them will make more kid-friendly spaces in Disney’s parks and lower the chances that your kids breathe in secondhand smoke.

The final new ban is on loose and dry ice, which sounds odd until you remember that coolers are allowed in Disney. The company recommends using reusable ice packs to keep your coolers cool and avoid spending four bucks on a cup of sugar water.

We’re not sure why ice is being banned, but there is speculation that it made security checks longer and more difficult to conduct and/or that leaking water might present a slipping hazard.

If you can make it inside the gates sans ice, complimentary cups of the cold stuff — we assume with some Frozen branding, because synergy — are available from quick service restaurants throughout the parks. And don’t worry, the drinks at Oga’s Cantina will still be served nice and cold.