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Disney Offers an Instagram Glimpse of Toy Story Land Theme Park

Disney has pulled out all the stops for its upcoming Toy Story attraction.


When Disney announced the construction of Toy Story Land back in January, fans were given only a few simple concept images to obsess over. Now, that has changed. Pixar shared an image and a teaser video both featuring images of the Florida project, which is being shined up for a June opening, on Instagram. The first glimpses were, to put it mildly, encouraging.

The Pixar-themed Walt Disney World attraction already has fully constructed rides and a largely built out landscape. The impressive thing — and the specific thing that Disney is trumpeting — is the scale of the toys. They are enormous. The park is clearly meant to make visitors feel like they’ve been shrunk down and tossed on Andy’s floor with the rest of the gang. Nothing wrong with that.

What’s particularly impressive is how haphazard everything looks despite being rigorously planned and scaffolded. The giant replic of Rex, the dinosaur toy, teeters on top of a Jenga tower that looks ready to topple. Nearby, block constructions lean perilously. It might be a bit unnerving to walk into the world, but that doesn’t mean that kids won’t love it.

The Slinky Dog Dash, named after the slinky dog character from the franchise appears to still be the centerpiece of the whole attraction. Visitors can watch the roller coaster bob and weave over a track built on a small chunk of land in the center of the park, as they dine in one of the parks two eateries. Alien Swirling Saucers, the park’s other major attraction, is designed to look like a play set that Andy won at Pizza Planet (a location crucial to the plot of the first Toy Story). Riders will zip around in a rocket ship as aliens attempt to pluck them up with a claw that circles overhead.

In the background of one of the images, you can see Wheezy, the forlorn penguin who turned out to be an amazing singer after he found his voice and voice box in Toy Story 2. Wheezy looks to be the highlight of some kind of musical attraction where visitors can bellow along to “You’ve Got a Friend In Me,” the most timeless song associated with the beloved franchise.

Though Toy Story Land has already made it to Disney’s Hong Kong park, it’s still a waiting game or stateside fans. Toy Story Land is set to open on June 30th, 2018.