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Here’s How Disney Will Kick You Out of Star Wars Land

They'll let you know when your time is up.


If you were one of the lucky people to snag a reservation for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, which opens later this month, you’ll get to experience the new amusement park before the rest of the world—for four hours, that is. Disney recently revealed that it will use Stormtroopers to enforce the strict time limit.

“At a certain point, if we have to, then we’ll start to ask them to leave the land,” Disneyland vice president Kris Theiler told the OC Register.”We’ll be utilizing the troopers to help us, for sure.”

According to Disney, each guest’s wristband will have their time slot printed on it. Guests whose wristbands have expired (meaning their time is up) will not be able to purchase any items or go on any rides. And while Disney hopes that visitors will courteously leave on their own at the end of their time slot, the park says it will have costumed characters kindly ask guests to leave if necessary.

While the time limit may not seem like long enough to explore all of the attractions that Galaxy’s Edge has to offer, from riding the much-anticipated Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run ride to building your own lightsaber, Theiler reassures fans that it will likely be more than enough time. “Most guests are going to find that they’re ready to roll after four hours,” he said in the same interview, adding that “four hours is a long time in the land.”

Disney has also come up with other methods to control crowds in the 14-acre expansion, like building wider walkways, creating more parking spots, and even offering food and drinks while you wait in line to make your experience more enjoyable.

The time-slot system will only be in effect for the first three weeks that Galaxy’s Edge is open. On June 24, the California park will open to the public and reservations will no longer be required. The Star Wars park at Walt Disney World in Orlando will open later this year on August 29.