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Diego Luna Just Got His Own Super Hot ‘Star Wars’ TV Show

But how will this work?


The coolest, sexiest guy in all of Star Wars, just got his own Star Wars TV show. No, we’re not talking about Han Solo or Jek Porkins. It’s Diego Luna from Rogue One! Disney and Lucasfilm have confirmed that Luna’s character Cassian Andor will return in his own TV show, coming to the Disney streaming service in 2020. But because Cassian died at the end of Rogue One, what will this show be about?

The obvious answer is this is going to be some super-secret outer space spy shit set before the events of Rogue One, which is why Cassian is alive. Right now, Luna is the only cast member confirmed for this show, though fans are already predicting that his wise-cracking droid sidekick/bodyguard K-2SO (Alan Tudyk) could also appear in the show.

For Star Wars fans this is cool news, but it’s also cool because Luna seems like he’s such a great guy. Not only is he a doting father of a son and a daughter, but Luna is also freaking hilarious.

Getty Images

Back in 2016, throughout the entire press tour for Rogue One, Luna made repeated jokes about how he was attracted to Jabba the Hutt and wanted to “touch” and feel the “texture” of the slimy gangster. To this day, it’s the greatest practical joke played on media, and also proves Luna had more fun being in Star Wars than any other actor.

In addition to the sci-fi western gunslinger-ish show The Mandalorian, the new Cassian Andor show is will be the second live-action Star Wars TV show slated to air on Disney’s upcoming new streaming network, which, as of now is called Disney+.

As of now, the show does not have an airdate, nor do we know if Diego Luna’s fantasy of meeting Jabba the Hutt will finally be fulfilled.