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Did Bryce Harper’s Dad Cheat to Help His Son Win the Home Run Derby?

But like, who really cares though?

Keith Allison Flickr

Washington Nationals slugger Bryce Harper and his father Ron put on one hell of a show as Harper, with his dad pitching for him, hit ten home runs in about one minute during the annual Home Run Derby earlier this week. The spectacle won him the contest in the most dramatic way possible, but now accusations are beginning to circulate that Harper and his father actually cheated. 

No, neither of them is on steroids (though Ron Harper does look like he could smash a watermelon between his bicep and forearm) and there were no corked bats anywhere in sight. Apparently, the rule of the home run derby is that the pitcher can’t throw the hitter another ball until the last one they hit touches the ground. Now some fans are saying that Harper should lose four of his 10 runs because his dad didn’t wait to throw the balls. 

Because we live in a world overwhelmed by a surprising amount of free time, there is already a petition to have Harper’s victory taken away. But, the crazy part is that the umpire is the one who gives the pitcher the go ahead, and the ump in question didn’t dispute Harper’s hits at any point. Beyond that, who cares? Harper did what he did because he has the raw skill to do it, nothing else. Still, there was no dearth of people ready to get on the Harper’s for ‘cheating.’

Once the pair got hot and the hometown crowd started to go bonkers, there was no getting off of that gravy train.  This event doesn’t mean anything anyway. It’s for the fans, and the fans absolutely loved what Harper was putting down. Plus, the rule about waiting for the balls to hit the ground is dumb, you can just as easily count the ones that weren’t knocked out of the park because they’re, you know, the only balls left on the field?