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Diane Kruger Blasts Paparazzi For Taking Photos of Her Baby Without Consent

"Please put yourself in our shoes."


Diane Kruger is begging paparazzi to give her baby privacy after unauthorized photos of the newborn circulated on the Internet. In an Instagram post on Tuesday, the Welcome to Marwen actress asked that people respect her decision to keep her daughter’s life private.

“Dear fans, dear non fans, dear paparazzi and anyone with a conscience. We were just tagged in these paparazzi pictures of me and our daughter,” the 42-year-old mom captioned one of the leaked photos, in which she had drawn a heart over her daughter’s face. “These pictures were taken without our consent and expose a vulnerable and innocent baby.”

Kruger, who gave birth to her first child with husband Norman Reedus in November 2018, also requested that people do not repost the photos and that anyone who already had shared them to kindly take them down. Prior to the paparazzi shots, the only photo of the newborn was on Reedus’ Instagram and showed the Walking Dead actor holding her hand.

The former National Treasure star concluded the heartfelt post by saying, “Please put yourself in our shoes. We are just like any parent wanting the very best for our child.”

Her post has received a lot of supportive comments, with fans praising her for standing up for her child. One follower wrote, “How sad that this is just one more area of concern for a mother trying to look out for her child’s well being. There should be a law in all fifty states that pictures of minors, celebrity or not, can not be released without parental consent.”

And Kruger isn’t alone in her battle to keep her baby out of the spotlight. She joins a long list of celebs, including Jennifer Garner, Kristen Bell, and Jennifer Lopez, who have fought to protect the privacy of their children.