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Detective Pikachu is Now a Pokémon Card. But Is It a Good Pokémon Card?

We try to assess his value in battle.

Along with being the titular star of the upcoming movie, Detective Pikachu has leveled up in a big way this week as he was officially given his own Pokémon card. Warner Brothers announced that it will be releasing a limited edition Detective Pikachu card that will be given to fans at select theaters on opening weekend.

“Through this first weekend and while supplies last, each guest will receive an exciting two-card pack from the new Pokémon TCG: Detective Pikachu series of collectible trading cards from The Pokémon Company International,” A statement reads. “One card will be randomly selected from the series currently available at retail locations and featuring select Pokémon in their CGI likeness as seen in the movie. The second is guaranteed to be a limited-edition Detective Pikachu card available to those early-bird fans who are among the very first to catch this first-ever live-action Pokémon adventure on the big screen.”

But while the card is undoubtedly a cool souvenir for fans, we couldn’t help but wonder if Detective Pikachu is actually an effective card to use in battle. So here is our assessment of whether or not this cool card is actually a useful member to join your deck.

Looking at Detective Pikachu’s attributes, he has 90 HP and two basic moves in his arsenal: Coffe Break, a healing move which recovers 30 HP, and Corkscrew Punch, an attack which takes 20 HP from an opponent. While that certainly doesn’t put him on the level of one of the most formidable Pokémon around (Shadow Lugia can deliver a 1000 HP attack), it does place him on a comparable and even slightly higher level than other Pikachu cards. For example, a starter Pika only has 40 HP and while one of their attacks are higher, they do not have any moves to recover HP once it is taken, leaving them extremely susceptible to attacks.

So is Detective Pikachu going to be your new power hitter that is guaranteed to win you every battle? Almost certainly not but he does represent an upgrade over a standard Pikachu and also features a bit of that patented Ryan Reynolds snark (a Pokémon taking a coffee break? Now I’ve heard everything!). And plus, as the saying goes, ya don’t just gotta catch some. Ya gotta catch em all! So get a hold of Detective Pikachu before he’s gone for good.

Detective Pikachu comes to theaters May 9.