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‘Deadpool’ Obsessed Kid Can’t Stop Interrupting Teacher in Viral Video

"Can I at least say my favorite part about Deadpool?"

A  TikTok of a teacher showing just how challenging it is to try and re-focus the attention of a kid obsessed with something entirely off-topic — and not exactly school-appropriate — has gone viral on the platform, for good reason. It’s not the first time a funny video from a teacher has gone viral when showing off the bonkers level of patience it takes to conduct a focused class on Zoom full of funny, and rambling, kids, but it is the first time a teacher has had to stop a kid from talking about a rated R movie, one that is super not class appropriate (even if it’s a fun movie.)

Mandy Curley, the teacher who posted the TikTok, has been leading her classes remotely during the pandemic. While we don’t know what exact grade Ms. Curley is teaching, we can guess that given her reticence to discuss the movie in front of the class that it’s a younger grade.

Why? Mandy was trying to re-focus the class and move on to their lesson, but one kid was laser-focused on something he just had to share.

“Last night, I saw the Deadpool movie,” the anonymous kid says through Mandy’s computer.

“OK,” Mandy replies, “thank you,” she adds, in that tone that an adult uses with a kid who is super excited about something and shares an off-topic anecdote with the whole class. Still, she’s not really interested in continuing the conversation.

The kid doesn’t get the hint and then asks, “Has anyone seen Deadpool?”

“OK, so we’re not going to talk about that movie,” Mandy replies, again, trying to give the kids a stronger hint that it’s time to move on. “It’s just … it’s just not appropriate,” she adds.

“It’s rated R,” the kid replies, with excellent comedic timing. That’s half of what makes the video so funny — he just doesn’t get that she’s trying to refocus the conversation.

“Right, yeah,” Many says back. “So that’s why we’re not going to talk about it.”

Cool, right? The conversation is done, and the teacher can move on. Just before she’s able to get a sentence out, the kid chimes back in.

“Can I say something else?” that same kid asks.

“Yeah, you have something else to share? Go ahead,” the world’s most patient teacher asks.

“Can I at least say my favorite part about Deadpool?” this kid asks. And that’s the exact point where all the parents watching giggle because that is a child who found something they love and will do nearly anything to talk about it.


We’re just not going to talk about Dead Pool. #funnyvideos #tiktokteacher #funnyteacher #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #teacher #funnykids

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Mandy added in the comment section that she feels the child was extra amped up about talking about Deadpool because he likely didn’t have permission to watch it in the first place, noting that he was looking behind him as he was speaking as if he was trying to hide from his parents that he saw the very rated-R, extremely gory, superhero movie.