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Deadpool 2’s Rad Dad Has His Own Dad-Tastic Twitter Account

Peter's on twitter. And it's really something.

Youtube 20th Century Fox

The most recent and final trailer for Deadpool 2 saw the merc with a mouth assembling a “super duper fucking group,” to fight Cable, the film’s grumpy, metal-armed antagonist. It was chock-full of great moments. But one of the major standouts on the new team was Peter, the mustacheod, lovably unassuming, and hilariously superpowerless dad played by comedian Rob Delaney. As it turns out, Peter has his own Twitter page and it’s pure dad gold.

“Peter” has been tweeting under the handle @PeterW_1974 for about a month (high-five viral marketers). His bio tells you just about everything you’d need to know: He’s a husband who loves grilling on his deck and happens to be a veteran beekeeper.  His wife Susan convinced him to start up the account and it was 100 percent the right move. Peter’s feed is full of practical beekeeping advice, as well as details surrounding his new side hustle as a member of Deadpool’s X-Force. He also gets fooled by fake pictures of photoshopped animals. Honestly, he plays it pretty cool for a guy who went from collecting honey in his backyard on the weekend to signing up for a deadly mission. 

Here’s just a small handful of gems.

Let’s start with this brilliant pinned Tweet.

In this one, Peter exudes his own brand of Springsteen-esque working class hero vibe. #admirable

Turning the mundane into meme-worthy content.

Here he is making time for his hobbies while definitely NOT doing any drugs.

Choosing function over fashion #FootSpa

Finally, the underappreciated but vital, post-elementary school juice box post. #DadGoals

Peter, we know your dad-ness will help out the X-Force defeat Cable. Or at least give everyone orange slices after the battle.