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Ryan Reynolds Reveals ‘Deadpool 2’ Was Originally About Parenting

'Deadpool' or 'Dadpool?'


Deadpool 2, the sequel to the raunchy and hilarious 2016 superhero film, finally hits theaters later this month. And while the movie already appears to have plenty of dad vibes courtesy of Rob Delaney’s glorious mustache, Ryan Reynolds revealed that the movie was almost entirely based around the idea of the foul-mouthed, fourth-wall-breaking hero becoming a father.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Reynolds said that when he initially sat down with co-writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick to come up with the storyline for Deadpool 2, they were intrigued by the idea of Deadpool having to deal with the burdens and responsibilities of raising a child.

According to Reynolds, the movie would have been set five years after the first film with Reynold’s character now having a child that he’s raising on his own. One can only imagine what sort of wacky hi-jinx would ensue. Sadly, ‘Dadpool’ turned out to be nothing more than a fantasy, as Reynolds said he and his fellow writers quickly realized the idea was not feasible.

“The genesis of it was, “What if Deadpool had a child?” What if we started five years later? What would that be like?” Reynolds told Entertainment Weekly. “By page 1.5, however, it was totally untenable. We were just like, ‘Nope. Nope. No, no, no. This is never, ever going to work.’ We went back to the drawing board and reworked it to be about wanting to have a child, which is something that so many people I know experience on a daily basis — wanting to have a child but can’t.”

Reynolds’ concerns are understandable, but it’s hard not to imagine what might have been. The idea of the antihero superhero trying to find time to fight crime, make off-color dick jokes, and pick a decent school in the area for his son or daughter sounds pretty fucking hilarious. Plus, Deadpool has already been a dad in the comics ⏤ he had a daughter named Ellie ⏤ and the fatherhood storyline did not derail the character’s general affinity for chaos in the slightest. Maybe after the sequel is done making obscene amounts of money, Reynolds will be more open to the idea of Deadpool 3: The Rise of Dadpool.