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Dax Shepard Shares How He Wants to Talk to His Daughters About Sex

"I'm super pro-sex."


Dax Shepard and wife Kristen Bell are famously candid—even when it comes to talking about sex with their kids. On a recent episode of his Armchair Expert podcast, Shepard shared his thoughts on teaching his daughters about the birds and the bees.

“It’s funny because I tell myself I have a narrative I’m spinning about how I’m going to be as a father of two daughters with some awareness that it is a theory,” he told guest Gwyneth Paltrow on the show. “Currently, I’m of the opinion, I’m super pro-sex.”

He went on to describe what exactly his “pro-sex” stance meant. “I am anti having sex to get approval,” the 44-year-old said. “I am anti having sex to get someone to like you or to gain status in a social circle, but if my daughters are horny and they have decided they want to have sex, I am very pro-sex.”

And his wife seems to be of the same mindset when it comes to broaching the topic of sex with their daughters, Lincoln, five, and Delta, four. During an interview for the podcast WTF with Marc Maron, Bell, 38, said, “Sex is wonderful. I want my kids to have sex. I want them to have good, healthy, positive, happy, wild sex.”

But for now, the couple’s daughters don’t seem to be very interested in the topic. Bell also told Maron that “They’ve asked about sex before and Dax says, ‘Well, there’s a penis, there’s a vagina and there’s an ovum and there’s ejaculate.’ And they’re like, ‘Can I have some juice?!’ They’re just off of it. They don’t care.”

And more recently, on a February airing of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Shepard and Bell admitted that when they tried to talk about sex with Lincoln, the toddler walked out, completely uninterested. Bell laughed, “We bored her to death.”