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Dax Shepard Explains How His Marriage Has Been Affected by ‘Game of Thrones’ Ending

Shepard also revealed what show he and wife Kristen Bell are watching now that 'Thrones' is over.

If your Sunday nights have felt a little empty since the Game of Thrones went off the air, you’re not alone. Even Dax Shepard — Hollywood actor and, more impressively, Kristen Bell‘s husband — has been mourning the loss of the show.

In an appearance on last night’s Late Night, host Seth Meyers asked Shepard if he and his wife are sad that the show is over.

“Well, it is the second-longest relationship I’ve had besides Kristen. I’ve been with that program for ten years, and she and I have been with it together, and I gotta say I think it was the foundation of our friendship and marriage. We’re struggling now.”

“It can really get you through a couple hours together,” he continued. “Plus we dress up and everything so all in all we’re probably in it for 3, 4 hours on a Sunday night. Yeah, we definitely are mourning the loss of it.” Honestly, same (except for the costumes).

This isn’t the first time Shepard has talked about how much he and his wife love the show. It’s not even the first time he’s done so on Late Night.

In a December 2017 appearance on the show, Shepard shared a video he and bell shot of themselves dressed as various characters “playing” the Game of Thrones theme song on different instruments as the opening credit animation played behind them. It’s the kind of thing only true superfans would do.

But not everything is terrible now that Thrones is over. Shepard says he and Bell have filled the vacuum left by Thrones with Fleabag, a show that’s pretty much the antithesis of Game of Thrones. It’s character-driven instead of plot-driven, intimate instead of epic, and funny instead of gruesome. For one couple, it’s been a nice palette cleanser after the sex and gore of Thronesthe spin-offs start, at least until .