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David Beckham And Kids Had a Damn Fun Time in the Freak London Blizzard

Becks gets some dad points for braving the rare snowstorm to play with his trio of kids.

Instagram/David Beckham

After returning from a Canadian ski trip, David Beckham and his three children were lucky enough to get another day of snow in the UK. The kids — Romeo, Cruz, and Harper — took the opportunity to brave the weather and go sledding with their soccer legend pops.

Despite the fact that the beginning of the year isn’t known for being particularly snowy in London, this week’s rare blizzard powdered the English capital in record levels of snow. As people all around southern England went crazy in the snow, the Beckham clan went the wholesome route, with each kid taking turns to sled around a neighborhood park. 

The only thing missing from the outing is Victoria Beckham, the children’s mother, who suffered a foot injury while on the aforementioned vacation in Canada. After taking a huge spill, the former Posh Spice broke a bone in her lower leg, confining it to a medical boot. While the brace made it impossible for her to enjoy the snow with her kids, it has been the source of some Instagram stories featuring her trying to get around on crutches. 

In any case, the family that sleds together stays together.