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David Beckham Shows Off His LEGO Architect Skills on Instagram

The former soccer star showed off his LEGO building skills on Instagram after building a massive 4,000-piece castle.

Instagram / @davidbeckham

Last week, super dad David Beckham captured the attention of the internet when he posted a photo of himself on Instagram as he began to attempt to build what can only be described as a massive fucking LEGO castle. Many wondered whether Beckham had the patience and know-how to complete such a herculean task, as it would surely involve days of dedication and serious risk of excruciating foot injury. But this morning, Beckham proved his doubters wrong and reigned victorious, posting another photo on Instagram of the completed version of the 4,000-piece castle which he finally finished at 1 AM.

Over the course of this long and tumultuous journey, Beckham was forced to face many trolls who chose to mock him for his inevitable failure to complete such a daunting task. Others felt it was lame for Beckham to waste his time making something nice for his kids because the Internet can be a terrible place. But Beckham, one well used to haters, masterfully craft the LEGO Disney Castle 71040 for his kids. And, honestly, this is a pretty difficult task. The instruction manual is nearly 500 pages long and involves meticulous attention to detail. Anyone who wants to dismiss Beckham’s achievement is welcome to try and build their own LEGO Disney Castle 71040, provided they are willing to pay nearly $500 to prove a point to themselves.

Given Beckham’s apparent skill at LEGO architecture, he may want to consider jump-starting his second career and seeing how far his brick building abilities can take him. Maybe he can be a celebrity guest on the upcoming “LEGO Master Builder“? Either way, Beckham achieved a feat that would frustrate the hell out of most normal dads. Now let’s all hope that Beckham posts a video of his kid’s reacting to the finished product as the final chapter in this epic saga of perseverance and dad skills.