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Watch Dave Grohl Finally Concede Drum Battle to Nandi Bushell

Grohl admitted he had been out drummed on The Colbert Report.

Nandi Bushell/The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The spirited, frenzied, and utterly exceptional drum battles between Nandi Bushell, the 10-year-old wunderkind drummer from Ipswich, UK, and Dave Grohl, legendary drummer from Nirvana and the Foo Fighters fame, have been one of the best and most wholesome things on the internet these past few months.

Stephen Colbert even describes the pair’s playful rivalry as one of the “few feel-good stories of this year.” It’s easy to see why: Bushell has been triumphantly defeating Grohl, with not only her skill but also her true, blessed-from-the-rock-gods passion and style, for months now, and Grohl kept gamely coming back for more and more, giving Bushell an international platform and his kids a dad to be proud about.

But now, the moment has finally come, the moment all those who’ve been following along have been anticipating for quite a while now: Grohl has formally accepted defeat. 

Bushell had instigated the epic drum-off over the summer, where she directly challenged Grohl in her epic “Everlong” cover. From there, a rock battle for the ages raged on, which led to masterful performances dueling out to “Dead End Friends” by Them Crooked Vultures, and eventually, both Grohl and Bushell recording songs about the other and the two icons meeting over Zoom. Grohl singing the song he performed for her, called “Nandi,” is a delightful ode to, as lyrics declare, the “number one supergirl, best drummer in the world.”

In an interview with Colbert, Grohl admits that in life, and music, “sometimes you just have to concede defeat.” And so he did. He acknowledged her superpowers. Colbert agreed, telling the Foo Fighters drummer, “she smoked you.” Grohl jokes (we think! we hope!) that the whole battle was a little nerve-wracking, like “being called out by the school bully…. So every time she would send me one of these videos… I just thought ‘Oh my God, I’m gonna get my ass kicked again.’” Nandi is just that good. 

In the perfect response to Grohl’s concession, Bushell posted an incredible announcement of her victory on YouTube. In the video, which was uploaded on Sunday, Nov. 22, she is truly “a force of nature,” as Grohl said.

The video shows her dominating the skies, like the rock god she is, gloating in her rightful victory and praising the Foo Fighters legend, saying, “It has been an honor battling you Mr. Grohl, and I can’t wait to write our song together,” referencing the fact that he and the Foo Fighters formally invited her to write a song with them and perform it on stage the next time they’re in the UK. Well, we’ll certainly look forward to her music and their collaborations for a long time to come. 

Watch Nandi Bushell’s latest video below.