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Watch Dave Grohl and Brandi Carlile’s Surprise Beatles Tribute

It's. So. Good.

Brandi Carlile/Instagram

Over the weekend, shoppers at Seattle’s Pike Place Market were treated to a surprise concert by Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters and Brandi Carlile. The two singers staged an impromptu busking performance on April 20 that featured an epic cover of the Beatles‘ “Let It Be.”

“Got nostalgic and decided to swing by my old busking spot @pikeplacepublicmarket with the twins and Dave Grohl,” Carlile captioned a photo of her, her band, and Grohl on Instagram. “Honestly one of the most surreal moments of my life. Thanks guys.”

Their set, which included the Beatles’ cover, lasted about 15 to 20 minutes before it ended with a rendition of the Foo Fighters’ “Times Like These.”

Carlile, who grew up in Ravensdale, a small suburb 40 miles outside of Seattle, live-streamed the first few minutes on her Facebook page for 1.2 million viewers, writing, “Right where it all started so many years ago” (the singer began her career playing at Pike Place).

And while bystanders were certainly surprised by the duo’s pop-up performance, perhaps no one was more excited to see Grohl than Phil and Tim Hanseroth. The “twins,” who have been Carlile’s band for nearly 20 years, shared their excitement on Instagram, with Phil commenting on Carlile’s post, “I will never believe we just hung out all day / had a beer- ripped the trails with this guy!!!! When DAVE GROHL pulled up in front of my house on his quad I was almost like Bradley Cooper at the Grammys in that movie/ best day ever!!!!!!”

Tim added, “This moment will be cherished forever. FOREVER.”

Busking at Pike Place Market. Right where it all started so many years ago. Super special guest: Dave Grohl.

Posted by Brandi Carlile on Saturday, April 20, 2019