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Survey Results Suggest That Daughters Might Use The F-Word More Than Sons

flickr / Steven Depolo

There are a lot of special moments in a parent’s life, but few of them top the first time your kid swears. Not only does it show that they’re listening, but also that they’re cool as hell. And sure, you’ll have to clarify that those are “Daddy’s words,” but surprisingly, you might have to do this more with your daughter than son. The early results of a new survey reveal that for perhaps the first time ever, women could be using the F-word more than men. So don’t feel guilty about getting your daughter started early.

The Economic And Social Research Council (ESRC) sponsored a survey in partnership with Lancaster University and Cambridge University Press, who you may not have known are huge fans of cursing. They analyzed 376 people’s daily conversations and found that women use the F-word 546 per million words and men use it 540 times — and that’s just so far. As The Times initially reported, only about half of the data has been transcribed at this point, and the forthcoming results are set to be published in 2018. So to be fair, men have plenty of time to step their game up.

Though the findings are preliminary, it is a significant shift from the 1990s when men used the F-word 1,000 times per million words and women of used it 167 times. It’s not exactly feminism, but it is an F-word and that’s something. Consider it a small step towards your daughter breaking glass ceilings, and swearing the entire time … just like when dad fixes stuff.

[H/T] The Independent