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Daughter Surprised Her Mom By Bringing Her to ‘Sesame Street’

Her reaction is priceless.

Twitter: @maddycunningham

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? Maddy Cunningham’s mom can, thanks to a surprise trip to the iconic TV show’s studio on Sunday. What made it even better (as if that were possible) was the fact that her daughter arranged the whole visit herself—and shared what she called “the purest thing I’ve ever experienced” on Twitter, complete with pictures of her mom crying literal tears of joy.

It all started in the elevator up to the studio, when Maddy revealed to her mom where exactly they were headed: 123 Sesame Street, of course. The minute her mom realized where they were going, she began to get a bit emotional and extremely excited. “I’ve never seen her more overwhelmed in my entire life tbh,” she tweeted, adding, “I honestly thought my mom might pass out from excitement.” And things only got a whole lot more exciting from there.

And the magic (and the monsters) just kept coming for the teacher and lifelong fan of Sesame Street. First there was Ernie, who had her equal parts speechless and laughing.

Then came Cookie Monster, who didn’t have any of his trademark treats, but instead offered up a heartfelt hug.

Maddy’s mom loved every minute, from meeting a slew of furry famous friends to snapping pictures in Big Bird’s nest—but according to Maddy, her favorite moment was “when Rosita hugged her and told her how much Sesame Street loves teachers.”

And if you aren’t already overwhelmed with emotion by this sweet mother-daughter bonding, here’s the last photo Maddy took of the duo’s big day, captioning it “Ending the thread with this priceless picture that says 1000 words. I love you, mom. ❤️”