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Daughter Saves Her Dad’s Life By Calling Her Mom on FaceTime

When her dad unexpectedly had a stroke, three-year-old Molly McCabe quickly sprung into action.

Getty Images

A three-year-old girl may have saved her father’s life when she was able to get a hold of her mom using FaceTime while her dad Trevor unexpectedly had a stroke at their house. Molly McCabe, the hero toddler, was at home with her dad and one-year-old sister when suddenly her dad fell to the floor and began to violently shake.

It’s a terrifying situation that would cause many people to panic but Molly quickly got a hold of her dad’s phone and used it to FaceTime her mom Devon, who is a nurse at the nearby hospital’s neurointensive care unit. When her mom didn’t answer the first time, she called again and when she answered, Molly showed her mom what was happening.

“She was sobbing, crying, ‘Look at daddy, look at daddy,'” Devon recalled. “I was immediately aware that something was wrong.”

Devon was able to get her husband the helped she needed as she told her daughter that she would be heading home soon and then called 911 to get an ambulance to their house as quickly as possible.

“There is no doubt that she saved her father’s life,” Devon said. “She was working really hard to get a hold [of] me.”

Once Trevor reached the hospital, he was placed on life support and it was then that the doctors let Devon know that her husband had suffered a stroke. Trevor is still in the hospital but he has been taken out of the Intensive Care Unit and Devon said that the doctors are hopeful that he will be able to make a full recovery. Devon says that without her daughter’s fast-thinking, Trevor would probably be in a much worse condition.

“The only reason he’s doing so well is because he was able to get intervention so quickly,” Devon explained.