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Daughter Mortified After Mom Spots Handcuffs Chained to Bed in Photo

"I told her it was for my roommates' short film."


Parents and texting…they just don’t seem to mix, do they? College student Ella Martine was brutally reminded of this fact after sending a seemingly normal photo of her bedroom setup to her mom…only to realize that her handcuffs were still chained to the bed. YIKES.

Martine shared the whole mortifying interaction on Twitter, which includes screenshots of their text conversation. “Moms been asking for pics of my new room…finally sent one…I’m so stupid,” she wrote in her post. At first glance, the photo looks totally normal: a hanging planter, cute bedding, even a chair with what looks like stuffed animals on it. So cute and innocent, right? Welp, it was, until Martine’s mom called out the HANDCUFFS chained to her daughter’s impeccably-made bed.

“Nice,” her mom wrote back, “Excepted for the handcuffs??? What’s up with that[?]”

Martine was, of course, completely humiliated, and then attempted to convince her mom that the handcuffs were for a short film her roommate was filming. Unsurprisingly, that excuse was unsuccessful. “[Well] remove them — super tacky,” her mother replied. “Not very classy.” She also adds that they’re “very ‘freshman year’ not junior.” Honestly, a pretty tame response compared to what some parents might do.

But still, the mother-daughter interaction has over 110,000 likes on Twitter, with plenty of people chiming in to commiserate with Martine. “Ellaa nooooooo,” one user replied. “Always triple check your work before submitting,” joked another.

Needless to say, Martine will probably be VERY careful when texting her mom in the future.