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Daughter FaceTimes Dad After Her Brother Pooped in Their Playroom

"My daughter FaceTimed me from upstairs to tell me her brother shit on the floor. I’m tired."


If you’re a parent, you’ve dealt with a lot of poop in your life. It’s just the nature of raising another human being. But even the most feces-friendly father wouldn’t have been ready for the insane FaceTime call one dad received from his kids. While watching his youngest child, Kai, Dante received a FaceTime request from his daughter, London, who was playing with her brother Dominic upstairs. Dante answered the call, and his daughter promptly informed him that young Dominic had an accident. But instead of pooping his pants, Dom had actually relieved himself on the floor of the kids’ playroom.

Dante was understandably shocked by the news and any doubts he had about his daughter’s claims were wiped away when London showed him Dom’s shit on video. Despite the chaos and confusion that ensued, Dante did manage to screenshot the poop in question before heading to the playroom to clean up the mess.

After handling the proverbial shit hitting the fan caused by literal shit hitting the floor, Dante tweeted the photo he took of his FaceTime call with London with the hilarious caption: “My daughter FaceTimed me from upstairs to tell me her brother shit on the floor. I’m tired.” The tweet quickly went viral and has received over 3,000 retweets and nearly 10,000 likes in just a few days.