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Danny Trejo’s Animal Crossing Island Looks Exactly How You Think

There's a replica muscle beach, a fish taco stand, and, of course, an extremely accurate Danny Trejo avatar.

Nintendo via YouTube

Animal Crossing: New Horizons might just be the official sponsor of quarantine, with the game debuting just weeks into the coronavirus pandemic and the new normal we all live in, and the Nintendo Switch, despite some hacking issues, has simply flown off the shelves as a result of the new game and general, indoors-onset-boredom.

Many Animal Crossing-heads have told stories of interacting with celebrities on the game (who can forget Elijah Wood visiting a stranger on her AC island for turnips and being a perfect gentleman about the whole endeavor.) But, until now, veteran actor and Hollywood icon Danny Trejo has revealed his own AC island on his YouTube show on Gary Whitta’s YouTube Channel. Danny’s Diary’s first episode reveals Trejo’s island and it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect for the muscle-bound, gentle hearted man. 

Trejo’s avatar in the game looks nearly exactly like him, with a white muscle tee, a healthy, full beard, a low ponytail, and grey pants and white socks and black boots. Trejo, who walks Gary through the island while cracking jokes and being a general sweetheart, created a very accurate model of Los Angeles’s Muscle Beach, a place where he used to work out to the point where there’s a Muscle Beach postcard with him in it.

He also put a jar of protein powder on a small table with a protein drink shaker bottle, and of course he has a money tree. But perhaps best of all is the butterflies he collects — showing that there’s more than strength to Trejo and much more love of cuteness and sweetness. There’s a fish taco stand, replicating his real-life restaurants (apparently, Anthony Bourdain was a huge fan of his pineapple fritters.) He’s a big fan of fishing as well. He reps his fandom of the Los Angeles rams. The island is beautiful and very typically Danny Trejo.