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Daniel Craig’s James Bond Replacement Is (Probably) Good With a Sword

Just like winter, new 007 actor rumors are coming.


James Bond is known for being ruthless when dispatching his enemies and exacting when he’s ordering his cocktails, but, historically, he’s also pretty good with a sword. And if the latest casting rumor about the next 007 turns out to be true, Daniel Craig’s replacement will have plenty of swordplay experience. Game of Thrones veteran Richard Madden is reportedly in the running to trade his chainmail armor for a tuxedo.

According to multiple sources, Bond executive Barbara Broccoli is expected to pick the new 007 very soon. The upcoming 25th official James Bond film will be the last one to star Daniel Craig in the iconic role, meaning the new Bond search has been underway for a while. Those rumors about Idris Elba are long extinct, with most of the odds now favoring Richard Madden, known to Game of Thrones fans as Robb Stark, infamously killed off in the season 3 “Red Wedding” massacre. For people who bet on this kind of thing, bookmakers in England now believe Madden to be the leading favorite by a large margin. This is has led numerous publications to predict that Broccoli will offer the role to Madden very soon.

For those really into this kind of thing, it’s important to note that these predictions are based mostly in odds determined by people betting on the casting of an actor in a new role. Bookmakers are not publicities for big movie studios, but rather are responding to trends in what it seems like is most likely based on a pool of other bets. In 2017, pretty much every English bookmaker was wrong about who would be cast as the next Doctor Who, meaning they could be wrong about Bond.

Richard Madden in ‘Game of Thrones’ (HBO)

Having said that, Madden seems like a pretty good choice for Bond and anonymous sources are claiming he has “impressed” Barbara Broccoli. Back when her father, Albert “Cubby” Broccoli was in charge of the Bond franchise, new Bonds were often found after they were successful TV actors, too. Roger Moore was known for his work on the show The Saint before becoming Bond, while Pierce Brosnan was extremely popular for Remington Steele before finally becoming Bond in 1995.

So, if Richard Madden does become Bond, it will follow a loose tradition. Will he fight with a sword as a Bond? The last time Bond had a sword was in Brosnan’s final film; Die Another Day in 2002. Which means we’re about due for James to have some old school swashbuckling style.