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Daniel Craig Visited the CIA Right Before Filming His Final James Bond Movie

Right before his last Bond film starts filming, Craig talked to real secret agents.

Columbia Pictures

James Bond has learned that when it comes to real-life espionage, teamwork is a way bigger deal than it is in the adventures of 007. The CIA has revealed that Bond actor Daniel Craig visited the agency as part of their “Reel Vs. Real” initiative to educate on the difference between movie spying and the reality.

According to the CIA, Craig learned that the “cloak” part of “cloak and dagger,” was a way bigger deal in real intelligence gathering than in the exploits of his superspy alter-ego, James Bond. In all of the Bond films, including Craig’s existing four, Bond manages to blow his cover constantly either by getting into a fist fight, car chase, or jumping between train compartments to snag important hard drives. In Quantum of Solace, Bond jokes about giving his real name to the concierge of a hotel, because he doesn’t really care about his cover. All of this stuff, as Craig learned at the CIA, isn’t really how it works.

Reportedly, Craig was also struck with “the teamwork that goes into the intelligence cycle.” Which makes sense. Though Daniel Craig’s James Bond has been more of a team player than some of his predecessors, the concept of Bond is nonetheless about one man against the evils of the world. Sure, he’s got MI6 and some gadgets backing him up, but Bond often solves his problems by himself, which isn’t really a representation of how the CIA works.

Ironically, Craig got all this real-life spy schooling intel right before his very last movie as James Bond. The 25th official movie in the franchise begins production later this year and will be Craig’s fifth and final outing in the role. (This means Daniel Craig has been in more 007 movies than Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton, and George Lazenby, but is behind Sean Connery and Roger Moore.

The film will be directed by Danny Boyle and will be released in movie theaters around the world on November 8, 2019.