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Daniel Craig Gets Criticized For Wearing ‘Emasculating’ Baby Carrier

Piers Morgan hilariously failed at attempting to question Craig's manhood.

Twitter: Piers Morgan

For a new parent, a baby carrier can be a lifesaver, as it keeps you from having to bring a stroller with you everywhere or tire out your arms by lugging around a tiny human for hours on end. Yet Bond actor Daniel Craig has found himself the subject of extremely bizarre criticism from none other than Piers Morgan, who attempted to parent-shame Craig for… wearing a papoose to carry his daughter?

Actress Rachel Weisz, who married Craig in 2011, gave birth to their first child together last month and, like countless other parents, Craig recently used a baby carrier while he walked around town with his newborn daughter.

For most people, this photo wouldn’t even warrant a second look but Morgan decided that this photo was deeply shameful for Craig posted it with the caption: “Oh 007.. not you as well?!!! #papoose #emasculatedBond.” This very unfunny tweet was, unsurprisingly, not met with enthusiasm from his followers and just about everyone else who saw it.

People were quick to mock Morgan for his Mad Men-era notions about parenting, with many people saying that Craig should be commended for taking an active role in raising his kids. A few people even took the opportunity to point out the irony of Morgan implying that Craig was less manly than him given their differing versions of dad bod.

Considering that Morgan’s original tweet received a little over 500 likes and this reply received over 7,500, it seems pretty obvious that Morgan managed to pull off a pretty epic self-own in his laughable attempt at calling out the Bond actor’s manhood. Morgan even managed to play the victim card, claiming that Twitter was attempting to bully him by simply letting him know his outdated, sexist tweet was dumb.