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Dad Who Danced for Toddler’s Release from Hospital Says Son is Cancer-Free

That's definitely reason to celebrate.


Back in July, the Twitterverse fell in love with an adorable video of Kennith Thomas and his son Kristian dancing together to celebrate the toddler’s release from the hospital, where he was being treated for acute megakaryoblastic leukemia (AMKL). And now, the dancing duo is back with even better news—20-month-old Kristian is officially cancer-free.

“It was the most glorifying thing you could ever feel,” Thomas said in an interview with TODAY Parents. “When your 1-year-old is going through a huge battle, as a parent you want to take their place — you don’t want them to have to suffer.”

The father of five with wife, Josilyne, also reflected on the viral video of his son’s release day, which now has over three million views. “[Kristian] was going home that day. His levels were up and we were going home — it all fell into place, so I put the video out there and it just caught fire.”

Even celebs like Ciara (the duo danced to her song, “Level Up”) and Christopher Reid of Kid ‘N Play took notice. Ciara visited the family in person while Kristian was still at Childrens Hospital Of Philidelphia, while Reid tweeted his congratulations to the toddler after he heard the news.

But more important than the celebrity support and the number of views is the relationships the Thomas family has formed with other families experiencing the same thing. The New Jersey dad said, “We’ve been given the opportunity to speak life into people and motivate others to never give up and continue the fight no matter what they’re facing.”