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This Dancing Dad Embarrassed His Daughter With His Moves at a Baseball Game

Once the dancing is underway, she can't help but look mortified.


It’s not that dads can’t or shouldn’t dance. More often, it’s just that dear old dad is rarely busting a move at a remotely opportune moment. Where is all the aggressively viral video of your dad going off at a wedding or as part of a flash mob? Nowhere, it seems. Yet, there is no shortage of parents willing to turn their kids beat red by dancing in the most public ways imaginable. Now, a recent video of one Cubs fan dancing on a jumbotron while his daughter withers inside may be taking the cake.

The clip only goes on for about 30 seconds, but there is more than enough going on to entertain you for hours. It looks like the determined dad is trying (and hilariously failing) to do the Floss. It’s an extremely popular viral dance move that involves rigidly, and rhythmically, moving your hips left to right while your arms, stretched downward, move in perfect tandem.

As he is making eye contact with the camera pointed at him, the dancing dad starts trying to do the dance when his daughter immediately taps him on the shoulder to stop.  He obliges for a moment, but only so he can cook up another ridiculous dance. The second one doesn’t really have a name, but you’ll likely recognize the semi-awkward manner that he reaches for the sky and rocks is body back and forth. The daughter tried to hide her embarrassment by burying her face in her hands but it only made the whole thing more hilarious.