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Students Make Powerful Music Video About Gun Violence

You have to give them credit for trying a different approach.

Ezra Hurwitz Vimeo

In a nation inundated with a seemingly endless stream of negative news about school shootings, a group of young dancers recently made a music video about ending gun violence that’s meant to uplift rather than sober people up.

The video features over 100 different dancers between 7- and 17-years-old, and each found their way into the video by way of the National Dance Institute in New York City. The powerful video was set to the song “Enough!” by the singer Sia. It’s a particularly fitting choice because it was written after students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School attended a ballet recital in honor of a fallen student.

“In a world too often divided by words, the goal of this piece is to offer an inspiring bi-partisan message through dance that could motivate more effectively than any rhetoric,” said ballet dancers Robbie Fairchild and Exra Hurwitz, who produced the video.

The video is a pretty straightforward-but-moving analogy for contemporary anti-gun violence activism. One student dances to the song alone as they pass through a huge crowd of their petrified peers. Rather than harp on the fact that there are still too few people fighting to end gun violence, however, the video shows the dance and passion from one handful of students as the thing that actually snaps everyone else out of their stoic daze. The video ends with some potent statistics about the frequency of gun violence.