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Watching These Dads Learn Ballet with Their Daughters Will Restore Your Faith In Humans

A new viral video will warm hearts and teach you a dance move or two.

Michael Ealy/Instagram

Kids learning to dance is a beautiful thing, but a bunch of dads learning to dance with their kids is even better. And, one new video perfectly captures why dads are fantastic companions for kids learning ballet.

In a viral video shared by both Kristen Bell and Michae Ealy, a bunch of fathers are captured in a candid video in a ballet class with their daughters. Obviously, we all know ballet is 100 percent great for boys and girls, and moms and dads, but seeing these dads with their daughters is beyond cute, it’s inspirational.

The idea that it isn’t masculine to appreciate ballet or the notion that men can’t enjoy ballet is, of course, a hilariously outdated concept. And yet, watching these dads with their daughters will restore the faith of anyone out there. Good dads are out there! And they’re doing pliés with the best of them.