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Dads Share Their Worst Father’s Day Gifts on Twitter

Comedian Soren Bowie asked dads what ugly, useless crap they got for Father's Day this year, and they happily obliged.


Kids are not great gift-givers. And they are especially bad at buying gifts for their fathers. Fortunately, dads don’t care. In fact, dads loving the ugly, useless crap given to them by their kids is a time-honored Father’s Day tradition. Which is why Soren Bowie, a comedian who writes for American Dad, asked his fellow fathers to share some of the worst gifts they have ever received on Father’s Day.

Bowie didn’t create the thread to make fun of kids. As a father himself, he added a disclaimer in the tweet that read: “I already know you loved it, that goes without saying.” Bowie was just hoping to see some hilariously weird shit that kids actually bought good old pops. And boy, did the responses not disappoint.

One dad showed off the truly terrible Star Wars parody shirt he got. We keep trying to find the pun that would make this shirt slightly tolerable but sadly, “the dad side” is the closest it gets to wordplay.

Coupons are an always popular, if rarely redeemed, gift from kids to their parents. But a typo made this gift go from misguided to unintentionally mean, as the child is only offering to get their dad half a burger.

This handmade card is a lovely and thoughtful gift that also happens to look slightly hideous and is impossible to hang thanks to the five rocks attached to it.

But that handmade card had nothing on this one, which is either incoherent scribbling or a masterpiece misunderstood by our dense minds.

And finally, one dad beat them all with a gift that absolutely no father wants on their big day: A generic text instead of a phone call.