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Watch This Dad’s Impassioned Rant About Men Buying Flowers

"Step your game up."

Sean Whalen Facebook

It’s a good rule of thumb to assume that you’re not actually being kind if you’re only kind when you did something wrong. Social media personality Sean Whalen recently went on a viral rant about this exact subject when a cashier at Costco assumed that the father of three was buying two bouquets of flowers because he “must have done something really bad.”

“Fellas, what kind of fucked up society are we creating? What kind of jacked up relationships are we building… when the first idea of a man buying flowers is that they’re in trouble or they’re asking for forgiveness,” Whalen explained. “I looked at him and said ‘Really? That’s you’re mentality with me buying flowers?’ I said ‘No, I’m buying a bouquet for my daughter and a bouquet for my girlfriend just because I wanna show them that I love them.”

Whalen goes on to break down how a lot of men will spend a crapload of money on fishing poles and hunting rifles, but then go on to not make that same kind of investment in their own family. Even though he’s a little gruff about it, you can’t really downplay what he’s pointing out. Inanimate objects often receive more care than the people in our lives because the maintenance that they require is outward facing.

FELLAS. Your RELATIONSHIP game is weak.

Posted by Sean Whalen on Friday, September 7, 2018

“You want your princess, your daughter, to grow up and be a queen and be able to find a good man, how about you be a good fucking man? How about you show her? How about you treat her mother with respect?” Whalen said, before explaining how most women care more about the “thought process that you go through,” then they do the actual thing you got them.

Still, despite his whole rant, Whalen concluded with an extremely simple message: “step your game up.”