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Dadbag Is a Fanny Pack That Looks Like a Hairy Beer Belly, Naturally

All of the dad bod, none of the crappy food.

A permanent C-section. Leonardo DiCaprio living the life. A marsupialian pouch for toting beers on the DL. Describe it however you want, the Dadbag is a ridiculous ⏤ some might say genius ⏤ fanny pack that looks like a hairy beer gut sticking out from under a shirt.

This paunch pack was created by a London-based German designer named Albert Pukies who claims, no doubt facetiously, to desperately want a dad bod. His concern about the health risks of not sleeping, exercising, or eating crap food for a year, however, prompted him to instead come up with this substitution. To new fathers with actual dad bods, it’s almost as insulting as those people with 20-20 vision wearing prescription-less eyeglasses “for style”.

That said, the Dadbag is quite glorious (read: disturbing) in its realism. Look at that detail! That’s the belly of a man who never says “no” to any menu item with the word “super” in it. There are different skin tones and varieties of belly hair so buyers can match up the offerings with their bod. How else would you slip beers into a baseball game in this thing?

But it also seems a bit too realistic. While Pukies purports to have ‘made’ a prototype, every picture of the damn thing pretty much looks like a photoshop job. Especially considering he’s already designed five other styles including one with fat rolls dubbed The Magnus, and the sunburned Wolfgang.

Who knows. The concept is admittedly still in its first-trimester as Pukies is both soliciting production partners and contemplating a Kickstarter campaign. He could also be just taking the piss out of the internet. Either way, it’s an idea that seems to be capturing the imagination of skinny, fit, childless hipsters everywhere, which means it’s probably only a matter of time before you can buy a Dadbag. Right next to the faux beard winter hats.