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Watch: Dad Records Baby’s Coos and Remixes Them Into a Killer AC/DC Track

"Thunderstruck" never sounded so cute.

Every kid born in the smartphone age is constantly being photographed or filmed, but there aren’t that many dads who can pull off what Matt MacMillan did: turning his baby’s various squeals and squeaks into music and an honest to God viral video.

Using his own impressive video editing chops and musicality, MacMillan arranged very short clips of his infant son Ryan so that they sound like AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck.” It’s a bizarre project, and we’re not sure how a new dad had this much time on his hands, but it’s damn impressive and well worth a watch.

And in case you were wondering how he pulled it off, MacMillan posted a video explaining how he did it with the caption “It took forever.”

MacMillan took all of the clips he had recorded—the kind of stuff clogging up every new parent’s phone—and separated those without a tone. He categorized and sorted the 83 others by pitch, playing them repeatedly and hunting for the right key on his electronic piano. After eliminating repeated notes, he had 21 to assemble into the final product.

The next step was to figure out the notes to “Thunderstruck” using the same keyboard and arrange the notes he’d categorized to align with the melody of the song. MacMillan added some of those non-tonal sounds in place of percussion instruments and visually formatted the clip so it wasn’t just an audio experience, which would still be pretty damn impressive.

Thinking about the time, energy, and skill that went into this video is enough to make us sleepy, but we should also take a moment to appreciate MacMillan’s song choice.

He could have picked anything, but the oscillating, high-energy riff that pulsates through the song was the perfect fit for the project; it’s not like Ryan’s noises would’ve worked as the bells in “Hell’s Bells” or even the guitar line on most songs. There’s also something to be said for the screeching quality of Brian Johnson’s vocals being well-suited to an infant imitation.

For his efforts, MacMillan has ben rewarded with over 700,000 views, more than 6,000 thumbs up, and 208 thumbs down by a bunch of ingrates who don’t know a good thing when they see it.