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Dad Goes Viral Using CPR and an IV to Rescue His Dog’s Favorite Toy

After a harroing ordeal, Lucky's favorite toy is resting comfortably.

Twitter / @oohhhkayyy

As any parent who’s fielded interminable “Can we get a dog?” questions has replied to their kids, pet ownership is a big responsibility. There’s plenty of walking, feeding, and grooming to be done on a regular basis, and there’s also the prospect of needing to act quickly in an emergency.

Michaella Wallace, a college student in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, shared a text conversation with her family that tells one such story. Wallace’s dad found one of her dogs’ favorite toys outside. The situation wasn’t good. The first picture he shared shows the stuffed animal lying on the concrete, mutilated. He brought it inside and sent his family a selfie holding the animal and looking panicked.

After finding “a slight pulse” and doing “CPR,” Dad went to work. The next message he shared with the family was a simple “I SAVED HIS LIFE.” A picture showed the same stuffed animal, limbs reattached, lying in a bed comfortably tucked in, IV drip running to a Red Cross armband. But the best parts of the picture are the two dogs lying on the bed, gazing at their beloved toy.

Wallace’s dogs, looking like concerned family members, sit on the bed, each looking intently at the stuffed animal post-operation. The only way to describe how they look in the picture is concerned, like parents whose son fell out of a tree and broke his arm.

The original tweet sharing the screenshots of the Wallace family text message conversation has garnered over 163,000 retweets and a whopping 601,000 likes, but we’re guessing his biggest fans are Lucky, the dog who has his favorite toy back, and Michaella, the proud daughter of a seriously funny dad willing to go above and beyond for his pets.