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This Dad Has a Simple Hack for Entertaining His Kid During a Soccer Game

It's pure genius.

Taylor Scalera/Instagram

At a recent Atlanta United soccer game, one dad came up with the perfect way to keep his daughter occupied during the match in a video that’s now going viral.

The clip, which was filmed by fellow fan Taylor Scalera, shows the man watching the game while his daughter sits content in her seat with her sippy cup. In one hand, he holds a hot dog—and in the other, he holds his phone behind his back so that the girl can watch Peppa Pig.

After Scalera shared it to Instagram, dubbing the man “dad of the year,” it blew up on social media. ESPN posted the video on Twitter, where it’s already garnered almost 2.2 million views, with the caption, “Not all heroes wear capes.”

The majority of users are praising the dad’s parenting hack. “Dad game: level infinity and beyond,” wrote one viewer. Another replied, “Dedication: you have to look after your child but there is also an important game on.”

Some dads can relate to the video all too well. One commented, “Fathers know the struggle. I keep minions games and teen titan episodes on my phone for moments like these. You have to be prepared.”

Even Atlanta United chimed in, asking fans to help locate the anonymous dad as they tweeted, “Looks like he could use a star on that kit!”

And the dad has been found, in the comments of Scalera’s original Instagram post. Andrew Louvat clapped back at one of the critics of his parenting, explaining that he held her until the 70th minute of the game before “I put her down in the chair, grabbed her some chicken tenders, and turned on her movie so she would sit still and eat her dinner in a pretty otherwise stimulating environment.