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Dad Goes Viral with Hilarious Roadside Message Board Dad Jokes

People are loving it.

Facebook: Indian Hills Community Sign

You’ve probably never heard of Indian Hills. It’s a small town in Colorado, with only about 1,000 residents and yet it’s gone viral thanks to one dad’s hilarious takeover of the town’s roadside message board. Vince Rozmiarek first agreed to handle Indian Hills’ message board back in 2013 when he realized he had more free time on his hands due to his kids growing up and branching out on their own.

At first, Rozmiarek kept the messages mostly informational and straightforward, then on April Fool’s Day, he decided to have to some fun and put a joke up instead. It received a positive response from the town, so he began using puns and quips that he would find in joke books in order to amuse his fellow townsfolk. He says he avoids doing anything offensive or political, instead preferring to keep his jokes light and fun so that everyone can enjoy them.

Posted by Indian Hills Community Sign on Thursday, August 1, 2019

“Obviously, I’m a man with time on my hands,” Rozmiarek told The Washington Post. “My three kids are all grown, and people could use something to smile about. So, why not, I thought.”

In 2015, one of Rozmiarek’s neighbors decided to create an Indian Hills Community Signs page on Facebook and since then, several posts have gone viral thanks to the page’s 84,000 followers.

Posted by Indian Hills Community Sign on Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Despite putting up jokes for over five years, Rozmiarek says he has never reused a joke. Hopefully, he continues to do this for a long time, as we can all appreciate someone who is so dedicated to the underappreciated art of dad jokes.