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Dad Goes Viral After Leaving Detailed Feeding Instructions for Wild Fox

He didn't want his Christmas vacation to make his buddy go hungry.


When you housesit, you should expect some written instructions on, say, where the cat food is, how to operate the finicky furnace, and when to water the flowers in the backyard. What you probably don’t inspect are step-by-step instructions for feeding the surrounding wildlife, but that’s exactly what one Scottish woman’s father left for her when he went on a Christmas vacation.

In an under-the-wire contender for the most charming tweet of the year, Amy Macmillan of East Kilbride, Scotland, wrote about her dad befriending a fox that’s been visiting his front yard for months. The genesis of their relationship appears to be the dad faithfully providing him with two meals a day,

He didn’t want his friend to go hungry in his absence, so Macmillan’s dad left her detailed instructions on how to feed his buddy.

She even got him a joke present, a stuffed fox keychain, and in a move 10 out of 10 dads would make he attached it to his backpack and sent the picture to her.

Macmillan’s tweet has gone viral, with nearly 20,000 likes and over 1,300 retweets. And in a strange twist for Twitter, the comments are pretty much all delightful.

Macmillan’s tweet even inspired a dad joke or two, which seems quite appropriate.

And, amazingly, other folks shared pictures of their own backyard friends.