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Watch This Alabama Dad Open Up About His Daughter’s Suicide Outside Roy Moore Rally

In recounting his story, he reminded people the consequences of denying others compassion and dignity.


Last night, Roy Moore held a rally in Alabama to try and motivate undecided voters to elect him to Senate. But it was a man who stood outside of Moore’s rally who is making headlines thanks to his powerful message about tolerance and acceptance. Nathan Mathis, an Alabama peanut farmer, was standing outside of Moore’s rally in hopes of convincing people to think before they vote someone as close-minded as Moore into Senate. Mathis spoke about losing his gay daughter to suicide, admitting deep regret about the way he treated his 23-year-old daughter before her death.

“I was anti-gay myself,” Mathis said. “I said bad things to my daughter myself, which I regret. I can’t take back what happened to my daughter.”

Mathis, holding a photo of his daughter in her basketball uniform, said that anyone who thinks gay people should not be treated with the same dignity and respect as everyone else should remember these words from the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” In a soft, serious tone, Mathis asked everyone to remember the importance of compassion, citing his faith as a major factor in helping him become a more loving person. The man was clearly in an emotional state but managed to share his thoughts with eloquence in the video uploaded on Twitter by NBC News reporter Vaughn Hillyard.

Moore’s homophobia has been well-documented at this point, as he has done everything in his power to keep the LBTQIA community from having even the most basic rights over the course of his political and judicial career. With the election between Moore and Doug Jones expected to be extremely close, people like Mathis speaking up could end up making a big difference. Either way, hopefully, the words of a father who is living through an unimaginable tragedy remind us all to live our lives with as much compassion and love as possible.