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Dad Gets Table at Restaurant By Pretending to Be the Prime Minister of Morocco

The most specific dad-hack ever?

Twitter: Ihab.

There are few things in life a dad loves more than figuring out hacks that can help them create easy and unconventional solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems. So when a dad couldn’t get reservations for his family at a nice restaurant, he decided to call back pretending to be the Prime Minister of Morocco. And to the surprise of his daughter, it totally worked and he ended up getting them a prime table.

In fact, the ruse may have worked a little too well, as he was asked by the chef to sign a plate during the meal and then the two took a picture together. His daughter filmed the whole thing and posted the video on Twitter, where it ended up going completely viral and has been viewed more than two-and-a-half million times in less than 48 hours since it was uploaded.