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Dad Calls Out Son’s Bad Grades With Hilarious Sign At A Cavaliers’ Game

While your little academic is currently crushing fingerpainting, nap time, and the rest of their preschool curriculum, you know that one day they may hand you a report card where the A’s and B’s have been replaced by C’s, D’s, and even the dreaded F. When that day comes, you’ll have to motivate your kid to hit the books and get their grades up, which is about as easy as getting your wife to stop watching Westworld without you. While most parents stick with methods like taking away phone privileges or giving a stern lecture when it comes to scholastic discipline, one Charlotte dad decided to have some fun when his son Thomas’ grades started to slip. Not only did he go to the Cavaliers-Hornets game without his son, but he brought along a sign that read: “Thomas get your grades back up and next time you’ll be here. Love, dad.”

To no one’s surprise, the internet quickly caught wind of Thomas’ dad’s actions and made damn sure his sign went viral. This mystery dad capitalized on his 15 minutes of fame and appeared at a Rockets-Thunder game in Houston with a new sign about his son’s academic struggles. This one read: “Thomas can you hear me now? First STUDENT then ATHLETE, son. In that order. Love, dad.” That’s a pretty meme dad.

At this point, you may be wondering who the hell is this man and how did he manage to go to 2 NBA games that were played over 1,000 miles apart over the course of a single weekend? At this point, nobody really knows. And perhaps some internet mysteries are best left unanswered. One thing is for sure, Thomas should work hard to ensure his grades improve by the time the playoffs roll around, or his dad might put his study habits on blast for a national audience.