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Dad Recreates ‘Godzilla’ Trailer With His Toddler as the Lead

The scariest monsters of all are the ones we've created.

Kids may have nightmares about giant monsters destroying cities with ease but every parent knows King Kong ain’t got shit on the mayhem the kids themselves manage to cause every damn day of their young existence.

To demonstrate this pure destruction and terror, a dad recut the trailer of the most recent Godzilla film but instead of a giant lizard from space, the monster is now his young son. The video is brilliantly put together by YouTubers Six Seven Eight, cleverly placing the trailer’s original Bryan Cranston voiceover and ominous background tones with footage of his toddler to truly terrify viewers.

In the trailer, Six Seven Eight’s son is shown doing all the normal things that young kids do, such as leaving his toys everywhere, throwing massive tantrums, and running around with no pants. These seemingly innocent activities suddenly seem more sinister due to Cranston warning that this behavior “is going to send us back to the stone age.” And unlike Godzilla, parents can’t run when their toddler is on a warpath, instead, they are forced to face their fear head on and try whatever they can to get their kid to calm the fuck down.

It’s a hilarious trailer that every parent will immediately identify with because even the most well-behaved 2-year-old in the world is still capable of making their parents’ lives a living hell every once in a while. And unlike Godzilla, using nuclear options to stop your kid is generally frowned upon.