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A Dad Ran Onto a Racetrack to Rescue His Son From His Burning Car

Dad Manuever Level = Expert


A lot of people have heard of dad reflexes, for example, when something heavy—say a bookshelf— is about to fall on their kid and the dad in question does some heroic ass tuck and roll to ensure their child’s safety. Well, what Dean Jones did last weekend is kind of like like that, if the danger was multiplied by about a million and then set on fire. When his son, race car driver Mike Jones, got into a fiery wreck during a race in South Boston, Virginia, Jones didn’t hesitate to leap right over the barrier and reach into the flaming car to save his son.

Mike was about halfway through the race and turning a corner neck and neck with another driver when their wheels touched causing both drivers to spin out. While the other driver’s car was just fine, the collision caused fuel to start leaking from Mike’s car. After a spark from the crash lit the fuel on the ground, Mike’s car immediately burst into flames.

Jones, who is not just the father of the driver, but his son’s crew chief as well, immediately reached into the car to activate its fire suppression system. After doing that, he can be seen reaching into the car and pulling his son out by the arms. Fortunately, Mike walked away looking just fine as he gave the crowd a huge thumbs up while the track crew worked to put out the blaze which by that point had engulfed the whole hood of the car and part of the track surrounding it.

Mike ended up coming in fourteenth place, but the weirdest part of it all is that his NASCAR license was taken from him after the accident. Why? Because his dad was wearing shorts on the racetrack. One would think, given the fact that his son was not set on fire, that NASCAR could just look the other way. Maybe just this once? After all, the spirit of heroism and fearless parenting has gotta count for something, right?