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Reddit Dads Are Going Off on This ‘Daddy-Proof’ Onesie

Dads were not happy to find themselves being labeled as incompetent parents.

The “Daddy-proof” onesie is once again making the rounds on Reddit and started a conversation about how fathers are tired of being stereotyped as bumbling backup parents. The photo of the now infamous onesie, which says “This Shirt is Daddy-Proof” and has arrows pointing to the arm and neck holes, was first posted by newdad816 who understood that caption brevity is the soul of online wit, and stated, “Just have to say, f—k clothes like this…” The simple sentiment clearly resonated with fellow Redditors, as the post has been 2,600 times and more than 500 people have commented.

As you probably guessed, the majority of comments come from dads who wanted the world to know that they are, in fact, competent enough to put a onesie on their child. Target_meet_arrow showed just how old and tired these types of “hilarious” jokes are, commenting, “My daughter is only two weeks old and I’m already sick of this shit.”

daddy proof onesie

Why are the dads so riled up about a piece of novelty clothing? Because they cling to this outdated notion that dads are hapless, bumbling caretakers. The thinking goes way beyond unfunny clothing. It’s the same type of mentality that positions dads as glorified babysitters who “have their hands full” when mom is away. As user 40_ton_cap explained, he’s “so fucking tired of being called a babysitter. I’m tired of being at the playground and being asked if I’m ‘watching’ the kids. And fuck those shirts.”

And he’s right, seemingly silly little things like this reinforce the idea that dads are more interested in drinking a beer and watching the game than spending time with their kid. The fact of the matter is that dads, more than ever, are taking an active role in raising their kids. Let’s not undermine that with a joke that’s not even funny.