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Dad Photoshopped His Premature Son Doing Manly Tasks in Epic Photoshoot

He even mows the lawn.

Matt Mac/Bored Panda

When Matt MacMillan’s son Ryan was born nine weeks early, he decided to make the newborn’s first photos a little more special. In a series of snaps that are now going viral, MacMillan Photoshopped the six-week-old doing manly activities, like fixing cars, shaving, and playing poker.

“We joked that he wasn’t premature just ‘advanced’ – so I came up with the idea that we should do a photoshoot of him doing manly adult things.” MacMillan wrote on Bored Panda, explaining that he did a similar shoot for his daughter when she was born two years earlier (he Photoshopped her playing sports as an infant).

The dad of two then describes in detail exactly how he staged the shots, each of which took about 15 to 20 minutes, and involved making props, putting together outfits, and arranging the scene.

“Some of the setups were elaborate – like for the benchpress photo,” he explains. “For this one, I made a rig that hung from the ceiling. It mounted the camera and also held the barbell above Ryan so all he had to do was grip it rather than hold it up.”

And the dad assures people that Ryan was never in danger during the shots, saying, “he was always being held and was never in any harm.”

After taking the photos with the help of his wife, MacMillan then “then used Photoshop to remove myself from the pictures and combine the best parts of [Ryan’s] body into a unified composite photo.”

MacMillan concluded his post with three pieces of advice for other parents who have premature babies: “be patient, be positive, and seek support.”

Check out some of our favorite photos from the series below…

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Ryan catches his first fish. #babyryandoesmanlythings

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Ryan shaves. #babyryandoesmanlythings

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Ryan’s favorite way to spend a Saturday is in the driveway fixing up his car.

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Ryan tunes up his mom’s Prius. #babyryandoesmanlythings

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And when he’s not giving his favorite set of wheels a tune-up, you know Ryan is out there mowing the lawn.

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Ryan mows the lawn. #babyryandoesmanlythings

A post shared by Matt MacMillan (@mattmacmakesstuff) on

Ryan knows it’s important to play hard, too!

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