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Dad Reveals the Horror Show Hidden In His Kid’s Car Seat

So many Cheerios.

Imgur: DonAntwan

Every parent dreads cleaning their kid’s car seat. After months of sloppy snacking and messy spells, the once pristine chair has usually become a disaster zone filled with half-eaten Goldfish and dried-up gummy bears. And it takes more than a few upside-down shakes ⏤ not to mention a heavy-duty vacuuming ⏤ to get it clean again.

So when one dad posted a photo online of the horror show he found after pulling off the car seat’s cover, it’s not surprising the picture went viral. Fellow parents immediately resonated with the pain and disgust that comes with cleaning up after a tiny human.

The photo, which was posted by Reddit user Don_Antwan in the Daddit subreddit, revealed the countless number of Cheerios and Goldfish that had ended up in the seat after failing to make it into his son’s mouth. The photo got a strong reaction from the other dads in the group, including several who also shared their own car seat cleaning horror stories.

I took the cover off my son’s car seat

Reddit user clunkclunk noted that “Cheddar bunnies seem to reproduce in my kids’ seats” while Charlie_Blue_Bear joked “add a few fruit snacks in there and half of a graham cracker and it exactly what I find under my kids’ covers.” And finally, mortalwombat lamented the inability to ever truly escape Cheerios, admitting that he “once went on a job interview and only as I was walking out did I realized I had a Cheerio stuck to my ass.”