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This Little Girl’s Mind Was Blown By Female Referee

Can girls grow up to be referees? Of course! (It's just kinda rare.)

Twitter / @hullablue

On Saturday, Twitter user Hullablue took his young daughter a semi-pro soccer game near the English city of Leeds where his daughter was ecstatic to discover that one of the assistant referees was a woman. Hullablue was able to get a great photo of his daughter and the female ref in the middle of a conversation during an injury break. Hullablue posted the photo to Twitter with “Daughter was delighted to see this assistant referee today ‘her hair is like mine, can I be a referee?'”

The post quickly went viral, receiving over 5,000 retweets and 23,000 likes.

The post has received overwhelmingly positive responses on social media, including a shoutout from Garforth Town AFC, one of the teams playing in that game.

Several groups used the opportunity to encourage girls, including Hullablue’s daughter, to become referees.