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Dad Makes Hilarious Christmas Mistake When He Ordered a 25-Foot Inflatable Santa

He's meant to order an 8-foot-tall St. Nick, but he ended up with one as tall as his house.

An English man pulled something of an accidental Clark Griswold when he tried to order an eight-foot-tall Santa from eBay but ended up with one over three times taller.

Matty James lives in Southport, a town on England’s west coast just north of Liverpool. He wanted to add some holiday cheer to his house, which is now watched over by a 25-foot-tall Santa that he ordered about a month ago.

The funniest part of the story is that James didn’t realize his mistake until he was inflating his Santa for the first time, and it just kept getting bigger and bigger.

“I remember thinking it looked weird and then all of a sudden, once I started putting the air in it, it kept growing and growing,” he told The Sun. “I did wonder if it was ever going to stop.”

Once inflated, the Santa was nearly as tall as James’s two-story home, which meant it blocked several of his windows.

Posted by Sunshine FM Costa Blanca on Thursday, December 19, 2019

“When I woke up in the morning I looked out and his head would eclipse the window. Downstairs in the front room, when you opened the curtains, there was a big Santa bum in your face.”

To his credit, James took his mistake in stride. He left Santa up for a while, enlisting the help of his neighbors to strap it down. And while he did eventually take it down when high winds were an issue, he hopes to reinflate it in time for Christmas.

And while his eccentricities don’t normally make the newspaper, the spirit of keeping a mistakenly massive Santa Claus inflated for the entertainment of the neighborhood seems pretty in line with James’s normal personality.

“I’m known in the street for doing wacky things and when the neighbours came out they were all laughing their heads off, everyone was in hysterics.”